Peace Loving Children Home

Human being is special creation of God. God created everything in the earth by just saying but He made man in His own image. Though, God loved His first children, man disobeyed His command and fell from His sight. Man-made God force to chase them from heaven. The son of first man murdered his own brother. The various types of crimes and mistakes were increasing from that day.

Man is the social being. He lives in society. People made norms and values for the peace, safety and betterment of society. Some way, country also regulates laws and rules to rule the country. People must obey the rules and laws of nation. But, due to evil nature of mankind, most of the people, by force or desire, disobeyed the norms and values of nation. For this contradiction, prisons were born to improve the behaviour of criminal and to protect the rules and laws of country.

There is negative and positive impact in every field of work. Actually, the prisons were established to improve the behaviour of prisoners. But, because of imprisonment of head member of family, their children were highly affected. A beautiful and attractive family destroyed within a second because of imprisonment. The source of family income and joy cut out. Children lost their parents love and affection. Their tender mind and heart will be broken. They were out of caretakers. Some prisoners took their children in prison with them. What is the mistake that children have done, so that, they have to stay in prison? Nothing.

Every child has right to play, read, write and get love from their parents. But, after imprisonment, everything seized from them. It forces them to become firm and cruel. They were involved in simple to complex type of crimes because they are out of their caretakers. They do what their undeveloped mind told them. In fact, it badly affect their whole life. So, it is greatest challenge for society to take care of those children whose family were broken.

VSRP is a leading organization to take care of victim children through its Peace Loving Children Homes. We guaranteed quality education and balance diet with sufficient sport materials for exercise.

Peace Loving Children’s Home was established in 1995 under VSRP (Prison Fellowship Nepal). But, the process was carrying from 1990 when we kept 5 jail victim children in Korean Home. But, due to poor management we returned children to prison in 1991. After that, we kept those 5 children as boarders in Serene Valley Boarding School, Katmandu in 1992. We provided all financial support to them. We added other 10 children in 1994. After that, we kept all these fifteen children in our rented children home in Hadigaun, Kathmandu with 4 rooms in 1995. In 1998 we rented a single house in Gairidhara, Kathmandu. From Gairidhara we moved to Lazimpat, Kathmandu in our own Peace Loving Children Home in 2000 AD. It is one of the unique and challenging programs responsible to play the parental role in the up-bringing of children from different jails of Nepal.


  1. Education:
    We respect the right of children to get education. So, we sent every children of our home to school. We are providing every necessary thing to go to school. It includes books, stationeries, dress, medicine, tuition fees etc.
  1. Care and love:
    The children get homely environment, parental care and love from our caretakers. They feel our home as their own home. It helps them to heal their heartbreak. Their mind changed into normal situation. It supports their learning and changing behavior. We have got the answer through their school examination result. Most of the children get first division marks because of our care and love. We are very much worried about their health. So that, we are doing health check-up frequently and hospitalized those who are suffered. We are giving keen attention in sanitation and their hygiene. We also are giving moral teaching to them so that they become good and intellectual citizen of country.
  1. Fair and visit Program:
    It is also necessary part to increase the outer knowledge and entertainment for children. It helps to fresh their mind and physique. We frequently take them to zoo, children fair and other educational fair of urban areas. We also arrange prison visit to their parents in every three months.
  1. Extra-curriculum activities:
    The children participate in different kinds of activities. We are doing quiz contest and distributing prizes. They are involved in social activities. They themselves also enjoy practicing cooking. They were fun of doing creative works such as art, painting, drawing which also help them to earn pocket money by selling. We have provided different sport materials both indoor and outdoor for their entertainment and physical fitness. Our tutors also help them to play new educational games.
  1. Birthday celebration:
    This is also important event for children. They are always waiting for their birthday celebration. Cutting birthday cake, burning candle, singing ‘Happy Birthday to you’ song with cheerfully and joy, getting precious gifts are remembrance of birthday celebration for them. So, they do not want to miss their birthday at any cost. It is not possible in their broken family. So, we are carrying birthday celebration of all children in their respective birthdays with prayer and joy.
  1. Staffing:
    We have house mothers for preparing food and to take care of them. Tutors help in their education and coaching class for morning and evening. Home supervisors check their daily schedule and homework, visit hospital for their checkup. The staffs also check food quality, sanitation and balance diet. They have regular schedule of visiting children school.
  1. Books and stationeries:
    We purchased new books, stationeries, school uniforms, shoes and other necessary materials for all the children required for the new session.

A. Peace Loving Children Home Gothatar, Kathmandu:
We have 14 children in our Peace Loving Children Home Gothatar, Kathmandu. They are in between 8 to 18 years of age. The children in our home are fully under our responsibility.

B . Peace Loving Children Home (Girls), Pokhara:
We have 10 girls in our Peace Loving Children Home, Pokhara. They are in between 8 to 18 years age. The children in our home are fully under our responsibility.

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